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The workshop will be held between 25 -26 February 2020. SeeBrochure_second_call.



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Country (Pays): Luxembourg

Name of beneficiary: FSTC, University of Luxembourg

Postcode: L-4365

Address: 2, avenue de l’Université, Esch-sur-Alzette

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      Workshop tentative plan

      Dear Colleagues,
      We are pleased to announce a 2-day International Workshop on Improving GNSS and SAR tropospheric products for Meteorology, to be held in Luxembourg city, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, running from 25 -26 February 2020.

      The workshop will be aimed at four topics for which we will ask individuals/groups to present their finding in the form of oral or poster (A0 paper size, Portrait, 32 font size is recommended) presentations.

      Session 1: Multipath effects on GNSS estimates of propagation delays due to the neutral atmosphere

      Keynote Speaker: Professor Gunnar Elegred

      Title: Multipath effects on estimates of propagation delays due to the neutral atmosphere

      Chalmers University of Technology, Earth and Space Sciences, Sweden

      Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tim Springer

      Title: Multi-GNSS Satellite Products and open Issues with Galileo and BeiDou Data Processing

      PosiTim GmbH, Germany

      Session 2: Estimation of propagation delays and atmospheric water vapour fields from SAR observations

      Keynote Speaker: Professor Ramon Hanssen

      Title: Turbulence Kinetic Energy of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer estimated by satellite SAR interferometry

      Technical University of Delft, Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Netherlands

      Session 3: Assimilation of GNSS and SAR tropospheric products into NWP models and for tomography

      Keynote Speaker: Dr. Florian Zus

      Title: The slant delays estimation at GFZ and their assimilation in NWP at DWD

      GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ)

      German Weather Service (DWD)

      Keynote Speaker: Dr. Witold Rohm

      Title: Impact of GNSS ground-based observations on numerical weather forecasting: ZTDs, STDs and 3D tomography retrievals

      Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences Institute of Geodesy and


      Session 4: Cross evaluation of GNSS and SAR tropospheric products

      Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jan Dousa

      Title: Cross-validation of GNSS tropospheric products using Numerical Weather Prediction Models and the GOP Tropospheric Online Service

      Geodetic Observatory Pecny, Czech Republic


      SSID (name of the WIFI network): Meteorology_Workshop

      Passphrase: Meteo@UL2020